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Transformational Embodiment, Somatic Healing, Breathwork & Energetics

Are you ready for your world to shift?

To be the active creator of your world. To remember your limitlessness. To be in your authentic expression. To say yes to endless possibilities.


You already are it. Let me guide you back to you.

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Change your
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breath channel

A breathwork membership designed to reduce stress, increase everyday performance, and get grounded. Transformation is just a breath away


When I first was led by Stevie within a group setting (Embodied Woman), I had my first somatic breakthrough around feeling safe with men. A matter of weeks later, my partner of over 7 years at the time (now my fiancée!) met me in such a safe masculine way. It was something I had been wanting for years and only after my embodiment shifted, so did my relationship. Moving into the following year, I committed to a year-long private container with Stevie. 

I wanted to relinquish my lifelong beliefs around not being seen. This belief was literally manifesting circumstances where people would see right through me, not hear me, or bump into me. I created a world where I made myself invisible. I also wanted to work through my frustration with LIFE as a whole, which was making me spiral in victim energy. It seemed like no matter how hard I worked, how much I gave, or how much I invested to work with the BEST mentors, my business “wouldn’t grow”. In other areas of my life, it caused me to always feel left behind or always coming up short of the full manifestation. I went through life feeling like I was pushing hard against a wall that would never move.

Fast forward a year after working with Stevie: I’m entering 2024 with peace in my heart and love in my body. I feel so supported by God and have a knowing that I don’t need to push anymore - which is the most liberating feeling that I never thought I’d rest in. During this past year, I have had impactful experiences where I noticed that I no longer operate with the “I’m not seen” wound (where otherwise I would DEFINITELY spiral in that belief).  I have been invited into rooms with celebrity-level professionals and creatives. I feel so seen for my gifts. I speak up - and I know it’s because I have allowed myself to take shape as someone who IS and CAN BE seen. I have been invited to speak, to coach, to lead rooms and it’s priceless to feel the security in my body even as I expand.

Stevie is a soft, safe, and oh-so-deep place to land. She is the one person that has allowed me to expose parts of myself that had been tucked away, but were incredibly necessary to evolve into the woman of my dreams. While there’s more on the horizon, my internal state is one that no longer believes struggle and strife is required to get to the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. I love you Stevie. Thank you for being the clearest mirror. Can’t wait for us to work together again!! And if you’re on the fence - that means there’s something pulling you in. Trust it. You might *think* you know what you want, but the PERSON you become on the other side of this support is so much better. She's got you. Let yourself land.


- Daisy Lopez

Marketing Strategist and Vocal Activator 

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