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Transformational Embodiment Mentor, Somatic Healer, & Breathwork Facilitator

Joy. Permission. Receptivity.


These are the 3 words I live, lead and stand by. These 3 words are the backbone of my life and business, the foundation I stand on, and what I turn to over and over again.


They’re dripping from every offer I create, every session I facilitate, every word I say, every workshop I host, and every container I hold.


I believe in choosing nourishment, fullness, and seeing the world with empathy and understanding. I believe in deeply excavating and exploring my shadow realms so that the joy is that much juicier and authentic.

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I believe in welcoming all parts of myself. The ones that I deem ugly, messy and scary. And the ones that are big, expansive and so bright they’re almost blinding. I believe in giving myself permission to be in my fullest expression while honoring my own unique timing and rhythms


I believe in meeting my life with an open heart and no resistance. I believe bountiful abundance is our true nature and when we turn toward the goodness, the Universe gives endlessly...all we have to do is open and receive.


My mission

My mission is to support people in (gently) breaking out of the Matrix. I help you feel yourself deeply and connect with your authenticity. I help you achieve greatness, whatever that means for your heart. I see you clearly and mirror back who you really are so that you can remember your limitlessness. I show you how safe it is to be in your power and to have it be received and loved. I support you in having greater faith in yourself and trust in your Universe. I am a reflection for what's possible.

My method

I apply trauma-informed somatic healing, energetic embodiment, breathwork, Source Code and subconscious practices to help my clients live full, fun, creative and limitless lives.

 My prayer for each and everyone on of us is that we can have an intimate relationship with ourselves and know the love that flows through our being.

Fun facts
about Stevie

  • Outside of coaching I’m a professional singer and have been for almost 15 years. I spent over a decade in a wedding band and played for Lebron James’, Jimmy Kimmel’s, and Chris Pratt’s weddings

  • I grew up in a tiny desert town in Southern California called Phelan, and now reside in Los Angeles

  • When I was 16 I made it to the Top 36 of American Idol and sang for America

  • I’ve been with my partner Patrick for 9 years and we just recently got married!

  • Patrick and I use plant medicine and psychedelics as a tool for healing and growth

  • In 2023 I released a 4 song EP of my own original music.

  • One of my greatest wins of my life is the safe, intimate community I've cultivated.

  • I’m obsessed with our Bassett Hound Basche

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“We’re all just walking each other home.”

– Ram Dass

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