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A donation-based breathwork membership

designed to reduce stress, increase everyday performance, and get grounded. Transformation is just a breath away.

Welcome to
The Breath

I can't tell you how excited I am that you landed on this page at this exact moment. I created The Breath Channel to help you cultivate a sense of peace and clarity in your body at all times. I found breathwork 4 years ago and it changed my life. It taught me how to move stagnant energy, shift my mindset, and feel better after only a few minutes. I couldn't believe that my breath held so much power!! The Breath Channel will be your guiding light in experiencing how your breath can literally change the course of your life by getting out of your head and into your body. When you're in the body, that's when you're connected to the truth of who you are.

You want to feel grounded, connected and centered throughout your day


You want to learn how to shift your state quickly and manage your energy


Meditation doesn't work for you and you want a technique you can actually implement!


You’re sick of feeling anxious and want a way of moving that energy through your body 


You're looking for a technique that creates results quickly


You're ready for a practice that lights you up and evokes your highest self!


You want to be part of a community of like-minded people on the journey of self love and healing!

Donation Based

pay what you choose!

Over 150 high-impact breathwork, embodiment, and coaching practices for you to shift your state and change your energy ✓

Yoga and movement practices ✓

Intimacy practices for couples ✓

A therapist led continued education section for coaches and space holders ✓

New practices added regularly + guest teachers & more! ✓

Exclusive access to a very active, yummy, and intimate Facebook support group ✓

$77 / mo

or $777 / year

(You get two months free!)

Everything inside the Membership Level ✓

1 LIVE Laser Coaching call each month with Stevie via Zoom ✓

Access to all coaching call replays and exclusive resources ✓

2 x LIVE 90-min guided breathwork sessions each month with Stevie via Zoom ✓

Access to our VIP Slack space with weekly drop-ins and spot-coaching from Stevie and continuous support from your aligned community ✓

A 20% discount on all courses, programs, and The Embodied Journal ✓

+ special gifts and opportunities for more!  ✓

Saying yes to The VIP Experience means…

Experiencing trauma-informed somatic breathwork where you are held by Stevie in a live container, excavating your shadow realms and releasing pockets of trauma and limiting belief systems that are holding you back in a safe, attuned, gentle way.

Clearing the old, stagnant energy so you can make space for your desires and manifestations to actually land.

Powerful holding and coaching in our monthly live laser coaching workshops.

Getting continual support from Stevie and this treasured community through our private Slack channel.

Choosing to go deeper on your journey with VIP discounts on all of Stevie’s offerings.

The VIP Experience is one of the most high-touch ways to work with Stevie ongoing.

ready to breathe?

Watch this little video telling you all the things.



The Breath Channel is like entering an oasis of treasures. The variety of themes allow you to ebb and flow with where your soul is encouraging you to go. Whether you’re feeling anxious and need soothing or feeling sluggish and need energizing, Stevie holds you through it all. You can feel her energetic support and the integrity of her work through it all. Thanks to the breath channel and Stevie’s live workshops,  I have finally been able to decalcify spaces of myself that have been stuck in trauma. Stevie’s approach is perfect for me because I can work in small sessions throughout the month, and then come back for deeper work and support live with her in the monthly workshop. What a gift this has been and I absolutely cannot wait to see where this takes me. Thank you Stevie for bringing this to the world.

- Victoria Saretzky


I've only recently joined The Breathwork Channel and I've been blown away. It is donation based which touches my heart since at the moment I wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. I don't know much about Atevie, what cones through so clearly is her intuition, attunement, generosity, gentleness, and compassion. I'm grateful to havenjoined the breathwork channel as a space to begin to tune into my body and breath.


- Ellie W



Meet Stevie

I get you. You feel stressed and anxious and are constantly in your head. You want to feel calm and present but don't know how. I get you because I was you! I used to be so caught in the looping thoughts and negative stories and I was DYING for a quick shift to come back to myself. Enter breathwork : ) I found breathwork 4 years ago by accident and it changed everything for me. I found a direct access point to the truth and love living in my body. It was like lifting a blurry veil and seeing clearly for the first time. 


After getting certified as a facilitator I saw first hand how breathwork was changing the lives of my clients as well. After facilitating hundreds of sessions, and witnessing profound breakthroughs, I'm confident this work will be a game changer for you too. I'm incredibly excited to share the healing magic of it with you. I'll be guiding you the whole time, you'll never be alone.

Stevie Wright.JPG

You can breathe with us. The Breath Channel is donation-based, so you pay what feels aligned to you!


member testimonials

To put it plainly it’s changed my life. It’s eased my anxiety and self doubt as well as bringing stillness and peace into my life. I’m forever grateful that Stevie has made this so doable and easily available.

- Chana Perman



The Breath Channel is a part of my morning routine! It makes such a difference in how I feel, my mood and energy. It’s a game changer!

- Keely Pemberton



The Breath Channel has become my daily tool for healing, alignment, and expansion. Every video is so intimate and effective whether you’re calling in more abundance, peace, flow, or needing to release crunchy energy like anger or sadness. I even use this channel before sales calls/coaching calls and noticed a BIG shift in how others receive me. I recommend this to clients, friends, and family members all the time and they love it.

- Daisy Lopez



I love starting my day with the Breath channel, I always feel lighter and less stressed. The chakra series inside the breath channel helped me to heal so much & let go of past trauma. Stevie is such a great teacher she has helped me to understand how energy works and gave me tools to let go of anxiety and be more present. I'm so thankful for her and the breath channel!

- Jessica Johnson



The breath channel is magic. It has every energy I could possibly need. So wether I am sad or need a boost of energy or creativity, I know I will be supported in the breath channel. Stevie has such a beautiful way of leading as well and offers some coaching in when we need a little more support. I love that she also offers her live sessions, these alone are soooo worth it. The breath channel is the best investment and I highly recommend.

- Maja Magnusson



It is difficult to put The Breath Channel into words. The channel offers a solution every time I feel overwhelmed, every time I do not know what to do and every time it feels my heart beats out of my chest…

- Evy Bronneberg



I hadn't come across breathwork before I found Stevie and joined the breath channel - but turns out - it is exactly what I needed. For such a long time I felt so disconnected from my body. I was longing for a way to get into my body, and out of my brain, to be more present and powerful with who I am. Stevie’s sessions Inhaber helped me multiple times to really sink back into my body  and each time it gets easier - and for that I am eternally grateful! 

- Rike Melzian


I have been a member of The Breath Channel since Stevie started it and I absolutely love it.  Since becoming a member, I have grown so much. The self-love and gentleness that I feel for myself have increased. Stevie teaches many ways to support yourself, your partner, your family, and your clients. You will learn to not only give but also receive support.


On The Breath Channel, there are shorter breathwork videos that you can do any time of the day. The breathwork is wonderful and there is so much more than breathwork. Stevie and her guest experts teach about embodiment, sacred space holding, chakras, meditations, boundaries, manifestation, and so many other topics.


My favorite part of The Breath Channel is the longer conscious connected breathwork sessions. Stevie holds a loving and safe space where you can breathe, release, and then share your experience to receive support. I highly recommend joining!

- Katie Roberton

@katiepeacelove   @peacefulsoulcounselling


Stevie is an absolute light and her work has been such a gift in my life. The Breath Channel is a tool I use daily to ground myself, realign and find inspiration. Stevie's work never fails to uplift me and bring me back to myself. I'm so grateful for this resource and the incredible community that Stevie has brought together. I learn so much from Q&As and guided breath work. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, Stevie and for being an expander and inspiration to so many.

- Lauren Buglioli



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