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Your daily embodiment practice.

Breathe. Allow. Soften.

A daily practice to drop in, ground, and connect with yourself.

BC Journal-031395-01.png

What is The Embodied Journal

A yummy, 90-day embodiment journal that guides you through a daily practice to drop in, breathe, and connect with your inner world so you can create your outer world.

What is embodiment?

Embodiment is a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. What does that mean for you? 

Consider a concept like love, abundance, magnetism, power, or pleasure. 

What if you could ground those concepts so deeply in your body, that you become a walking example of that energy? That you begin to experience yourself, others and your world from that place. That’s embodiment.


Embodiment is one of the most transformational and expansive healing tools. It teaches you how to take something you desire or a feeling you want to experience and connect with it internally in a personal way. 


Allow The Embodied Journal to help you excavate old patterns and stuck emotions so you can make more room for an overflow of joy, pleasure, abundance and power. 

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The Embodied Journal is a uniquely artful way to get in your body, connect with your feelings, and deepen your embodiment of who you are and what you want. It features:

2-page spread for 90-days, including 1 page for the practice and 1 page of blank space

Daily journal prompts to help you connect to your feelings

Daily breathwork practice to drop deeper into your beingness

Daily mantra

Daily gratitude practice

Plus, QR codes leading you to a different song every single day


Weekly integration prompts 

Blank pages that make space for your thoughts, needs and feelings 

Digital Version Available

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Is this for you?

In a world that keeps us trapped out of our bodies, The Embodied Journal was made for anyone looking to connect with all of your parts in a simple, digestible, and invigorating way. Whether you are building your daily ritual or already have one you love, The Embodied Journal will help you expand and sink into more love and acceptance for yourSelf.



This journal is somehow even more beautiful in person! Super high quality and just perfect! But of course the most important part is it's contents and definitely did not disappoint there either! So thoughtfully designed with the song and breath practice. The journal prompts are the perfect way to start your day. Totally in love with it!!!


- Eryn

This amazing journal exceeded my expectations- it’s so much more than a journal it’s like having the loving presence of Stevie in the room with you to witness as you work through the prompts, music, feelings, Breathwork, etc. Go now! Hurry! Get yours!


- Caryl


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