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Women's Retreat & Medicine Ceremony

three days of deep healing, connection, and transformation surrounded by a group of amazing women just like you.


June 21-23 in Los Angeles

We'll gather in a beautiful home, enjoy nourishing meals from a private chef, and dive deep into somatic embodiment, breathwork, and a powerful plant medicine ceremony.

*Future dates listed below*


This isn't your typical retreat

it's a soulful journey of shedding what no longer serves you and making space for your radiant energy to shine through. Whether you join us in June or August, you'll experience profound healing and connection that will stay with you long after the retreat ends.


There's something truly profound

about a group of women coming together and having a shared vision for letting go of what doesn't serve and stepping into the truth of who they are. When we all have our eyes pointed toward where we want to go, reflect one another with love and encouragement, the healing is inevitable.

Add that intention with the ally of plant medicine...the transformation is Quantum.


What comes next is inspiration, creativity, clarity about the next right action steps to take, abundance and connection.


Three Day Women's Retreat  in LA

June 21-23



- Welcome party and opening circle Friday night

- Somatics, breathwork, & energy workshops Saturday morning into afternoon

- Plant Medicine ceremony Saturday night

- Closing integration circle Sunday morning

There are 8 out of 15 spots taken
**If these dates don't work for you, I'm hosting another one August 16 -18 as well. 2 out of 15 spots taken**

For more information email

(notice no i in wrght)


My prayer for you in this retreat

is to offer a space where we can together shed the beliefs and patterns that don't serve us to make space for our life force energy.

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