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The Power of
Somatic Breath

Learn about the power of somatic breathwork and how it can deeply transform your life. 

Your breath holds it all

The wisdom, freedom, joy, bliss, clarity…


Your breath is the doorway to The Divine.

Stuck in negative patterns? 
Limiting thought loops?

Repetitive painful experiences?

Your breath is the way out…the way through.

Stevie Wright The Breath Channel
Stevie Wright The Power of Somatic Breath

When we turn our attention inwards

& focus on our breath, our nervous system drops, we come out of fight or flight and we have access to neuroplasticity


the part of our brain that can literally create new stories and beliefs, is activated!


You’re able to access the subconscious mind 

and heal beliefs that have been with you for a lifetime, possibly several lifetimes.

In The Power of Somatic Breath I teach you why somatic work is so transformative

Why breathwork is so much more effective then mindset work

And how you can use this remarkable modality to create the life of your dreams


I walk you through a potent breathwork practice

so you can feel the shifts that happen in just one session

You won’t feel the same after this 

75 min



Learn about the power of somatic breathwork and how it can deeply transform your life. 


Experience a breathe led by Stevie Wright, Certified Breathwork Facilitator & Trauma-Informed Somatic Healer. You will feel firsthand the profound healing that can happen in just ONE breathwork session

Just in case you're unsure...
here's some more opinions:


My prayer for you in this program

I pray for your healing

I pray you meet yourself with kindness and compassion

I pray that you bring your courageous heart, while also listening to and honoring your timing

I pray you feel safe and supported

I pray this process is fun!

I pray that I can be of service to your wholeness


I can’t wait to hold you



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