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Stevie and Patrick Magrann Couple Workshop

Let the Love in

The journey toward sacred intimacy

Intimacy. Connection. Depth. Love.

Let The Love In is for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level. Couples that wish to reconnect, grow their intimacy, and create stronger foundations to build their lives upon.

Stevie and Patrick Magrann Couple Workshop

Our intention for these online immersions is to deepen our connection with our partners through somatic healing, breathwork, conscious communication tools, polarity work, defense mechanism de-armoring and masculine/feminine dynamics.

Stevie and Patrick Magrann Couple Workshop

It’s for the couples who

are just getting started and those who have been together for 10+ years. This online immersion will serve you and your relationship on deeper levels.

This workshop is unlike other couples workshops, as the core of Let The Love In is centered around need. Learning to not only get your needs met but also meet your partner's needs as well.

Through years of deep excavation, Stevie and Patrick have found that in their relationship, and in the relationships of couples they’ve supported, unmet needs are the root cause of disconnection and dispute.

All unmet needs stem from the needs that were not met in your childhood. These evolve into current day triggers and frustration that are easily activated in relationship.

Until we fully understand unmet needs as they apply to ourselves and our partner, they will continue to play out in vicious cycles of disconnection and lack of passion — rather than depth, fire, and true lovemaking in every sense of the word.

When we’re able to see ourselves and our partners needs clearly, our compassion comes forward and we can break the negative patterns once and for all.

This is the core of Let The Love In.





per couple

- 4 Hours

- 1 - 5pm pst

- You will learn conscious communication tools, masculine/feminine dynamics and exercises, somatic self healing practices, polarity ceremonies, breathwork and more

By the end of this workshop, you will...

Deepen your understanding and connection with your partner through conscious communication, somatic healing, breathwork, defense mechanism de-armoring, and masculine/feminine dynamics.

Through this curated curriculum, you will have the time and space to connect with yourself, your partner, and the group. You will leave with tools and practices for better communication and a new depth in your relationship that only you and your partner will know.

Understanding yourself and your partner on a deeper soul level can only be felt to be understood. And this is our invitation to you.

Meet your teachers

Patrick Magrann

is a psychedelic facilitator and somatic healer. He has spent the last 6 years gaining a deep authority with medicine work and cultivating safety in his body. This safety radiates out and creates a grounded field for transformation and healing to happen. Patrick is trauma-informed and trained to hold clients in somatic containers.


Patrick Magrann
Stevie Wright

Stevie Wright

is a life coach, breathwork facilitator and somatic healer. She believes that healing happens in the body and tissue. She uses somatic practices to help people heal at a quantum rate. Stevie’s work is gentle and trauma-informed.


Patrick and Stevie offer a beautiful toolkit that supports people in coming into their fullest bloom both individually and as a couple.

how stevie & patrick change lives


Arriving at the retreat location, I was quietly anxious to meet Stevie and Patrick. After having watched them heal, in awe, on the socials, I felt myself tense up. However, the moment I saw them walking down the drive way, arms open wide, my muscles loosened and my walls dropped. I had an immediate sense of peace and excitement for the experience ahead. 


The days following were filled with loving, vulnerable and compassionate guidance. The workshops were uncomfortable, in the best possible ways. I was lovingly pulled deeper into myself to find the “shadows” that were preventing me from showing up the way I wanted to, both in relationship and in the world at large.


Stevie and Patrick, provided Sara and I with a beautiful framework to dig into some of the struggles we had been feeling as a couple. A framework that can and will be integrated into our lives with ease. 


The couples that were called in for this experience, is nothing short of divine alignment. The reflections that were shown to me in both the other couples and in Stevie and Patrick were validating and enlightening. 


I left the retreat feeling open, hopeful, and expanded. Not to mention the life long heart family I gained along the way. 


I am at a loss on how to adequately put into words the magic that happened over just four days or how to express my gratitude for Stevie and Patrick. So, thank you, will do for now. 


- Josh Moon

we invite you to

Let The Love In

October 21st in the comfort of your home


$777 per couple

Stevie and Patrick Magrann

We support your journey!

Still have questions for us? We’d love to hear from you and

chat more about the workshop. 


Send an email to

We can’t wait to meet you!

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