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If there is one thing that I have mastered in the last few years, it is what I like to call Becoming Her.

Meaning, becoming the version of myself that is living my next evolution.

I've learned how to get crystal clear

on how to embody “who is this version of me?”


Whether I'm connecting with a certain manifestation, a desire, a pattern I want to break, a way I want to show up differently, the most confident version of myself…

I have learned:

the most potent questions to ask myself

the mindset that I would need to adopt

the embodiment practices that open my body to connect with that next evolution


I use this
process for

program launches, money milestones, dynamics I want to see in my relationship, negative stories that I want to come out of, patterns that don’t serve me, business goals, habits I want to form

I use
Her for

every are of my life, and it’s what I teach my clients as well.


This is not
fake until you make it.

This is embody it till you are it. And it's something that I want to teach you.

Hand Shadow

Introducing, Embodied Evolution.

A 90 minute workshop for anyone who is ready to evolve into their next growth and transformation.

In this experience I am supporting you

in connecting with your next evolution, the newest version of you

I'm going to be teaching you

the exact process that I use, and the somatic embodiment practice to really tap into this version of yourself until it is literally written in your tissue. Until it’s not just a desire…but it’s your living embodiment

Embodied Evolution

a 90-min Workshop

A 90 minute workshop to connect with and anchor into your next evolution 

✓ The mindset I adopt

✓ The questions I ask myself

✓ The embodiment practices that are the rocket fuel into the highest version of yourself

Just in case you're unsure...
here's some more opinions:


My prayer for you in this workshop

I pray for your healing

I pray you meet yourself with kindness and compassion

I pray that you bring your courageous heart, while also listening to and honoring your timing

I pray you feel safe and supported

I pray this process is fun!

I pray that I can be of service to your wholeness


I can’t wait to hold you



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